Saturday, 4 August 2012

Wonderful Extra's Of AFWL 2012

Piwa-Lou&Designers (designer on the right- her shirt is amaz)

I Adore what his wearing, he reminds me of ..think it's the facial hair.

Love what these two girls are wearing, from the short boots with black socks to the wooden cross necklace and wooden cross earrings worn by the girl the left. The colours of what their wearing are so vibrant , the dark orange skirt and the orange printed bag. Right to the hair, natural curly hair J'Adore .. Long braids with a simple black hat : ) ex-q-z-e-t.

The prints on the bag are great, really excludes it from any ordinary clutch bag, the size of the bags are also good, not to big or too small. The shoes are great, put them on with a simple black dress and your outfit for a night out is sorted. 

The head-scarfs are just great! its amazing how their wrapped around the way they are.

A Designer. Notice the print shoes the lady interviewing the designer is wearing ; )

A d o r e

Piwa-Lou, that lime green suits her tone.

This dude was standing a few yards away from us, it was a must, had to just say 'Hello', his glasses are clear with some Gold L O V E, his jacket and his high top hair go very well, he wore black shorts just above the knee, with some purple&black nikes.. call it unique-fash

Love her style, docs with a white flowy type dress with a touch of the collar necklace and Aqua&white scarf throw, furthermore the Top hat makes the outfit stand out, I'd call the Top hat, the peakcok effect (The item which stands out within the outfit) ..

Simply love her style,the brown boots with the red bag match so well, who could pull of red and brown?
With a print flower top, and the denim jacket, along with the long gold earrings had to take a photo!

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