Sunday, 5 August 2012

P a i n t creates all sorts.

Took some photographs with Piwa-Lou. 'Paint shoot' The blue paint really came out on her skin tone. Message, It doesn't always have to be clothing I guess, why not use some paint to make create art on a human. The focus of the camera was really helped by the lighting outside, allowing the photos to come out clear and bright. Had a lot of fun doing this shoot, even though the whole time I was trying to carry my umbrella and camera, Screaming 'I Don't want to get a TAN' ! *shruggs shoulders*, I could hold both, so I just dropped the camera and took the photos. Me&Piwa-Lou had walked around our local area looking for paint tubes to just splash paint on her, could we find any! No. The heat was killing us at the same time. Anyhow Piwa-Lou does some art here and there, so we just used some water and a paint palate in the end, which worked. We laughed at ourselves for searching for tube paint, when we could have used the palate. Overall I learnt paint can really bring something unique to the human body and to a photograph. The funny part was when we were walking home, people were turning their hear to look at Piwa-Lou, as if she was one strange child.

Hot day in England, Why not get some paint out and make a day of it.

Paint lover.

The mud and water add that something.

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