Friday, 31 May 2013

Through on what you can

It's a Friday and I'm indoors revising, I had to get some junk food to entertain my revision, bought some chocolate and ate the whole bar :)
Small ootd post, went to the shops and came home.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Post number 13

It's been a beautiful day today, went out and bought a few things ...

Monday, 20 May 2013

New items

Purchased my first bikini of the year finally, I absolutely love it. I love plain black bikinis, not that I have the confidence to wear one, but hopefully by the time I go in holiday I'll have the figure I prefer and will be confident enough to wear if haha. Other than that I bought an oversized top, which I'm not to sure on how I will style this yet, as I can actually style it for men but I'm finding it difficult to style it for females. I also purchased a messenger bag, which I've seen a few times in black, however I decided to get a sea green colour, as summer should be approaching I need to brighten up my wardrobe a little. Then I purchased a white crop top, which I adore it's thick in material, however it's a little bit big but it's okay, I'll be styling this with high waisted items, such as jeans and skirts.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

UK runway

So Sunday I was supposed to just go to my friends house and chill, but then I had to go to London with her for a modelling casting for UK runway, we ran there because we where late literally running through London. Anyhow so we arrive after asking a taxi driver and about 5 people haha. We get there and my friend has to fill out a form whiles she's doing that I get to talking to one of the event planners and she asks me 'Are you a model today?' I say no, she told me to do it then people were saying yeah go for it, so I thought mm why not! I was so scared after I said 'ok' because I've never walked on a runway and I'm like 5'6 and can't walk in heels! By this point I was hyperventilating haha, then I heard Lemoie Anderson was a judge, I was like ahh I want to meet her, that's what persuaded me, anyhow I chickened out last minute haha but someone said 'you'll regret it' I thought oh no, and my friend came out and I told her then I thought why not. So I go in to the casting room without heels, I'm in my jellies at this point haha, I was the last contestant number 170 haha, the judges were all lovely and Lemoie was really nice :) walked the runway to music it was a lovely experience, we'll see if I get through haha! I'll post some photos of my outfit and the restaurant vapiano in London is amazing me and my friend went after the casting ! The food was so fresh, the bread was so nice, could taste the butter, it was a lovely Sunday evening , I recommend it.

Tell me something ..

So it's coming up to exam time for me I'm panicking so much that I can't focus :(. On the other hand thought I'd do a quick blog post to show you my recent outfits that I've made and my own outfits...
I'm still in love with beenie hats and I forever will be I think!
Sunglasses - H&M
Outfit one- Blue&white jacket Zara, white knit vest top H&M, hight waisted Joni jeans Topshop, Black sandals Juju jellie sandals Topshop, Orange transparent bag H&M.

Outfit two-Khaki pants Zara, white baggy vest Mango, Black&white heels Zara

Outfit three- Grey washed out jeans- Mom jeans Topshop, Orange sweatshirt Zara, Round black sunglasses available on Romwe website/EBay.

Outfit four- White tee from Monki, Grey beenie hat Asos, High waisted Joni jeans Topshop, Silver Casio watch available on eBay.

Outfit five- Lime beenie eBay, Grey beenie Asos, silver knuckle rings available on Asos and H&M.

What I adore this week

I love trying new things
This week I tried two different herbal drinks, they taste fab ! I was so surprised to see these herbal drinks being sold in the M&S supermarket ! A cold herbal tea, can't go wrong in the summer.
And I absolutely adore making smoothies, in the photo below I had blended ice, blueberries, natural yoghurt, two table spoons of vanilla ice cream and half a banana. Try this if you have a blender :) light and taste great, you can have this as a snack or as a quick side breakfast!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sunshine means better days

Bloggers, I haven't posted anything for a while, I recently decided to give my room a deep clean and add some plants. I must say I love it, as this gives the room fresh feel to it, every morning its been so nice as the sunshine shines directly in.

So I was looking through my wardrobe, as I decided to have a mini clear out, found these babies which I really wanted when they came out then I wore them three times and popped them back in the box. Think 'm going to create a few easy chilled outfits with them for the summer, I'm thinking Long braids, vintage pull ups/dungarees with a black tee, Grey tee with black ripped shorts and red lipstick, Denim washed out baggy dress with a white tee and Orange lipstick.. These outfits are from the top of my head as I type I'll base my next post on dressing the white air forces. 

 .. Finally bought a new rail, its white and it was a lovely price, from Ikea, my old rail was one item from falling, I guess  put too much on there, My pink rail lasted me three years, no more pinky in with the new white matching my white room. I need to go summer shopping .. with exams fast approaching, I think I'll leave heavy shopping till June. Cannot wait to see what the summer collections have to offer, I have so much in mind that I would like for the summer, I'd like electric blue colors, lime, orange, white and aqua and a summer green an some transparent jellie sandals.
 Below I've taken quick photos of my super mini haul, I should really film the haul but its so small

 I wanted to recommend Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, they are so good and smell amazing, these small bottles cost about £1.95 each from Boots or Superdrug or Superstores : ) and you can put them in your bag easily, light and small in packaging. I have afro hair but its fine.

Grey Shorts -H&M
White Air forces -Office shoes
Grey Top-H&M (comes in white, red and aqua also)
Black crop top-Topshop
Black crop cut out vest-Topshop
White clothing rail-Ikea