Sunday, 19 May 2013

UK runway

So Sunday I was supposed to just go to my friends house and chill, but then I had to go to London with her for a modelling casting for UK runway, we ran there because we where late literally running through London. Anyhow so we arrive after asking a taxi driver and about 5 people haha. We get there and my friend has to fill out a form whiles she's doing that I get to talking to one of the event planners and she asks me 'Are you a model today?' I say no, she told me to do it then people were saying yeah go for it, so I thought mm why not! I was so scared after I said 'ok' because I've never walked on a runway and I'm like 5'6 and can't walk in heels! By this point I was hyperventilating haha, then I heard Lemoie Anderson was a judge, I was like ahh I want to meet her, that's what persuaded me, anyhow I chickened out last minute haha but someone said 'you'll regret it' I thought oh no, and my friend came out and I told her then I thought why not. So I go in to the casting room without heels, I'm in my jellies at this point haha, I was the last contestant number 170 haha, the judges were all lovely and Lemoie was really nice :) walked the runway to music it was a lovely experience, we'll see if I get through haha! I'll post some photos of my outfit and the restaurant vapiano in London is amazing me and my friend went after the casting ! The food was so fresh, the bread was so nice, could taste the butter, it was a lovely Sunday evening , I recommend it.


  1. Love that you wore the top unbuttoned. Great coat too. Hope you get through, babe x

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