Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sunshine means better days

Bloggers, I haven't posted anything for a while, I recently decided to give my room a deep clean and add some plants. I must say I love it, as this gives the room fresh feel to it, every morning its been so nice as the sunshine shines directly in.

So I was looking through my wardrobe, as I decided to have a mini clear out, found these babies which I really wanted when they came out then I wore them three times and popped them back in the box. Think 'm going to create a few easy chilled outfits with them for the summer, I'm thinking Long braids, vintage pull ups/dungarees with a black tee, Grey tee with black ripped shorts and red lipstick, Denim washed out baggy dress with a white tee and Orange lipstick.. These outfits are from the top of my head as I type I'll base my next post on dressing the white air forces. 

 .. Finally bought a new rail, its white and it was a lovely price, from Ikea, my old rail was one item from falling, I guess  put too much on there, My pink rail lasted me three years, no more pinky in with the new white matching my white room. I need to go summer shopping .. with exams fast approaching, I think I'll leave heavy shopping till June. Cannot wait to see what the summer collections have to offer, I have so much in mind that I would like for the summer, I'd like electric blue colors, lime, orange, white and aqua and a summer green an some transparent jellie sandals.
 Below I've taken quick photos of my super mini haul, I should really film the haul but its so small

 I wanted to recommend Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, they are so good and smell amazing, these small bottles cost about £1.95 each from Boots or Superdrug or Superstores : ) and you can put them in your bag easily, light and small in packaging. I have afro hair but its fine.

Grey Shorts -H&M
White Air forces -Office shoes
Grey Top-H&M (comes in white, red and aqua also)
Black crop top-Topshop
Black crop cut out vest-Topshop
White clothing rail-Ikea

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