Monday, 20 May 2013

New items

Purchased my first bikini of the year finally, I absolutely love it. I love plain black bikinis, not that I have the confidence to wear one, but hopefully by the time I go in holiday I'll have the figure I prefer and will be confident enough to wear if haha. Other than that I bought an oversized top, which I'm not to sure on how I will style this yet, as I can actually style it for men but I'm finding it difficult to style it for females. I also purchased a messenger bag, which I've seen a few times in black, however I decided to get a sea green colour, as summer should be approaching I need to brighten up my wardrobe a little. Then I purchased a white crop top, which I adore it's thick in material, however it's a little bit big but it's okay, I'll be styling this with high waisted items, such as jeans and skirts.

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