Sunday, 31 March 2013

Out Loud ..

Black and white
I'm so into it right now...
SO last night I went to a restaurant with my friends, had a really good night.
Thought I'd share my outfit of the night with you all.
I put this outfit together really quick, wore black bottoms with black and white heels, and a white bra-let inside with a tailor made chiffon top that I adore. With dark purple lipstick and my braids down with a side cut.. not sure whether to grow it out yet.
Shoes : Zara
Mesh top: Made by 'Rebellious' designer
Bra-let: H&M

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Outfit of the day Wednesday.

Thought I'd just make a quick outfit of the day post, :), hope everyone's week is going well, just keep focused and remember what you want, each day gives you an opportunity to make progress :)

Sports look.

Love the sports outfits at the moment, Nike is my favourite, being a a girl who enjoys going to the gym a lot, I'm finding it so easy to incorporate sports where into my day to day outfits ...
The photos below are some of the outfits I've put together
Ragged hat: Topshop
Nike joggers: Nike shop
White crop top:Topshop
Black and white Nike free runs: Nike shop or Nike online
Bomber jacket: Topshop
High waisted jeans:Topshop
Black midi-skirt: Topshop/river island

You can mix all these items with various outfits, so much fun and it's easy and most of all comfortable!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hey bloggers

Hope everyone has had a lovely week, just doing a quick post, had such a busy week. It's been one of those weeks where I'm just looking forward to it being over, it's already Monday tomorrow, new week new beginnings. Other than that I recently purchased some items from Zara, however I took them back as they were too big. Decided to buy some other items :)

Black high top converse: Office shoes
Black and white heels: Zara
Yoko tee: Zara
Plain white tee:New look
Jellies: Topshop

Sunday, 17 March 2013


Hey guys had a long week, I was sleeping late, and waking up early ..but other than that the new week is about to arrive, so this week I'm going to change my ways, going to sleep early and try to eat as clean as possible. Friday I had such a reflective evening, I was watching comic relief and really made me stop and think, I'm so grateful for what I have, seeing humans and children dying because they don't have clean water or a food supply just made my heart weak, when I see the world around me and the people that surround me how we take small day to day things for granted and how we constantly want more and expect more but we never stop to pause and be thankful. After watching how many people are deprived of happiness because thy have nothing to live on made me so grateful. I just wonder will there ever be a day of peace , were every country is at peace and everyone is smiling ...
In this post I'll be sharing some of the new things I bought quickly and photos I've taken randomly or things I've liked ..

Sunday, 10 March 2013

My favourite breakfast at the moment

Love having yoghurt with cereal at the moment, mixed with fruits, enjoying making smoothies too ! Berries with natural yoghurt and Papaya!

Outfit thought.

I love the sweatshirts at the moment, purchased one from asos the other day, however I saw a sweatshirt dress love it, with sandal heels and a wide brim hat with cute wildfox sunnies I think it's a cute ...
Created by me quickly.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Love the clean Black and white is my favorite at the moment.

I'm back, Haven't blogged in a while

Hey Bloggers, I haven't blogged for a while, I miss it so much, I've been inspired to start blogging again after I saw vintagedollrisa's blog, absolutely adore. At the moment I'm in love with a clean and classy look, not just with clothing, but with photos, and rooms, love it when a room is on colour with clean furniture. Took some self ports recently too, which I will be posting in this post :)
I had missed using my camera, so I had just woken up and I thought its time to get the Canon out, I adore photography so much. However I haven't had any time recently so I haven't used it *sigh*. As you can see I have long braids at the moment, I love boxbraids, Solange inspired with a side-cut.

Later on in the day I decided to get ready, as you can tell I had some time, however I took the photos within 10 minutes.