Sunday, 17 March 2013


Hey guys had a long week, I was sleeping late, and waking up early ..but other than that the new week is about to arrive, so this week I'm going to change my ways, going to sleep early and try to eat as clean as possible. Friday I had such a reflective evening, I was watching comic relief and really made me stop and think, I'm so grateful for what I have, seeing humans and children dying because they don't have clean water or a food supply just made my heart weak, when I see the world around me and the people that surround me how we take small day to day things for granted and how we constantly want more and expect more but we never stop to pause and be thankful. After watching how many people are deprived of happiness because thy have nothing to live on made me so grateful. I just wonder will there ever be a day of peace , were every country is at peace and everyone is smiling ...
In this post I'll be sharing some of the new things I bought quickly and photos I've taken randomly or things I've liked ..


  1. The backpack is wow! I'd love to own something similar

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    1. Yeah the black backpack I'm still looking for look a-likes, it's beautiful -x