Sunday, 12 August 2012

Met The Amazing Founders of Loud-Culture Clothing!

Well.. Saturday 11th August 2012,I met amazing Designers. Firstly I met Abi Fashesin and Ashley- Rae Tapping, both 23. Abi is full time fashion and textile student and part time stylist.  Ashley-Rae is a journalism graduate, part time stylist and entrepreneur. These two designers are amazing; they are the founders of ‘Loud-culture clothing line’. The two designers met six years ago, since then they’ve been great friends and have accomplished amazing things, they’ve had two collections so far, spring and summer. Ashley-Rae and Abi gained inspiration from art and history
‘Live Out Ur Dream’. The one and only sir Richard Branson, has supported them previously (isn’t that just lovely!). Furthermore they have featured in many magazines such as ‘Grazia’, ‘Pride’ ‘Look’ and ‘More’ magazine, they have also been in the sun newpaper. Also featured on the website ‘Fashion bomb Daily’ (I personally love that website, that’s were I began looking at fashion on a daily bases).

Loud-Culture clothing.

Me&Abi : )

I & Ashley : )

My Lil Cousin Ginny&Ashley.

They’ve also featured in an advert on BET, you may have seen them. The designers clothing line has been worn by the likes of Diana Vickers and Leigh Ann from Rhythmix, and Misha B from X-Factor. Furthermore also Stooshe wore Loud-culture clothing at Love Box festival.  These wonderful designers have more coming, they will have a contemporary collection coming soon, watch out for it guys. Visit there website and check out the collection of spring/summer 2012.

Ginny&Designer Abi.

Ginny, Abi&Nikki.

WOW they have accomplished a lot! They are truly an inspiration to any aspiring designers, I’m sure. Meeting them was great, their so lovely, I’m glad I got an opportunity to meet them as someone who adores fashion, their beyond an inspiration. Not every day you meet amazing designers like them!  : ) I truly admire them.

Ginny rocking Loud-culture bra-let top, the fabric is so soft, I adore this.

Keep reading guys..
Secondly I met another designer called Kashmir Wickham, she creates and designs her own clothing, including buying material, her clothing line is called ‘Rebel-Nation Apparel, I purchased a net-baggy top from her boutique, I love it, when I wear it I’ll certainly take photos : ). Well I think she’s great, Visit her website on www.rebel – or  facebook: 

Fashion doesn’t stop. Fashion won’t stop.

I, Amazing Designer&Nikki.

She's amaz, her designs are great, I didn't get to take photos of her clothing, but you can visit her website.
                         (Website Above).

These lovely cute shorts are designed and created by Kashmir Wickham, the feeling of them is so soft and they can go with a lot of things, the fit is perfect on Ginny, tailor made.
Founder of Rebel-Nation Apparel

Prints & stripes can go together ...


  1. I love the african print crop tops

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