Saturday, 4 August 2012

Africa Fashion Week London 2012

The models were great, no one fell off the stage. They were all about 6ft..from what I could see.
Anyhow I was with the 'PRESS' most of the time, There were a lot of photographers up on the press stage, I managed to squeeze myself on and take some shots.
Some of the designers were so young, for example 19, 21.. to me that's young, to be a designer at that age is a wonderful accomplishment. It may just be true 'Without passion there is no fashion'. Afro beats were playing throughout, NO awkward silents at any point. I think it made it more fun for the models to walk down the runway anyway. I will be showing pictures of the models and designers.

The designer of this collection on the right, I thought she had really cool ideas, thought she was Australian but turns out that she is South African : )


The designer of the neckwear, Bows & ties.

 She's beautiful, her features are nice. The red lipstick suits her.

Some of the Designers websites

You can also visit the events website -

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