Thursday, 16 August 2012

H&M Magazine summer 2012

The H&M magazine 2012. The magazine is full of sporty clothing also with neon color such as Lime, neon pink and yellow. As well as formal classy clothing, you can be classy and show some legs or stomach, it's about balance. I've come to a conclusion RED lipstick makes everything stand out!
Summer colors are popping, literally!, you could spot somebody from a distance, summer is all about colors which stand out I guess. Dull colors can be for the winter, dull weather to go (grey sky) along with the dull moods. Bright colors representing sunshine, sand and style.


Yellow again..Yellow with a Dark Pink love it.

DEEP Purple with yellow Adore.

The magazine shows H&M summer collection with class.
If you don't have bright colors in your wardrobe/closet, go and buy something bright, just try in out!
Publication: H&M Magazine
Issue: Summer 2012
Title: True Colors
Model: Carola Remer
Photography: Camilla Akrans
Styling: Clare Richardson 


  1. H&M is just THE ONE. My best highstreet buys are from H&M, idk about sports wear though. Think you need a load of confidence to rock sports luxe and 60's haha
    Ammie x

  2. Me TOO, H&M can do no wrong in my eyes, whenever I walk into that shop I like something or a lot of things haha, Yeah sports wear is hard to rock, I wouldn't be able to myself
    - x