Friday, 3 August 2012

Black&White Shots

Note; This wasn't planned, Just got the camera out&took some random shots whiles out, My friend Suelen Tenn features in these photos, Black lipstick looks amazing on her, she is also a fashion lover and she is aspiring model.
My Sweet-Pie on the chair, just managed to snap her whiles she was sitting there for 60 seconds.
 Her Face says something..You decide what it says
 Too cute, had to post this photo, the colours are so vibrant TOOCHAY!
 Believe me she drew the beauty spot on, J'Adoreeee...
Told her to put chips in her mouth love it ; )

BLACK LIPSTICK, not everyone can pull that off, it makes you really stand out, the outfit can be effortless&you'll look good. In general if you can find a shade of lipstick that suits you, it will do wonders to simple outfits, for example a Beige dress and red lipstick can look classy.

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